Best of the Rest IV – Team Competition!

What:  CrossFit Roselle’s 4th Annual Best of the Rest Competition

When:  Saturday, September 16th, approximately 8am – 3:30pm

Where:  CrossFit Roselle, 200 N Garden Ave, Roselle, IL

Who:  Teams of 3, one of which must be a female.

Team name Captain Member 2 Member 3 Home gym(s) Heat
Bootys and the Beast Courtney Erickson Adam Erickson Michelle Goolish Roselle 4
Alpha Dogs Randy Evans Kevin Neal Mary Jo Orbegoso Alpha Dog 4
Bald is Beautiful Allie Ancona Sean Greevers Gerry Lagua Roselle 4
2 Long Johns and a Cream Filled JR Kremer Shannon Sullivan Bryan Navaleza Paradox 4
It Still Counts Samantha Burck Lauren Rundell Jersen Islan Roselle 4
The Red Shredding Wade Merrill Megan McKenzie Luis Gonzalez Cabral Precision P.T. 3
We Are No One Rosanna Le Cody Mueller Dean Budde 1013 3
OLD AF! Thadine Zajac Andy Olalde Richie Alvarez Roselle 3
Sushi Burrito Daniela Arroyo Jerick Islan Juan Lopez Roselle 3
CrossFit Elmhurt’s JV Team Vince Vallez Yazmin Guierrez Tommy Menzer Elmhurst 3
Wells Street CrossFit Chris Teodori Dana Lichtenberger Joel Mackintosh Wells Street 2
Bucktown Black Magic Jackie Cabral Andrew Bisping Travis Guy Bucktown 2
Beast mode: #alldayerrday Kelly Diershow Jon Schnidt Matt Kelly Roselle, Leverage 2
Team name Captain Member 2 Member 3 Home gym(s) Heat
3 Peas in a WOD Heather Ulmer Casey Feicco Josh Bickford Roselle 2
FTX Wannabees David Blasi Andrew Mellen Mandy Denny FTX 2
5AM’erz! Greg Rabus Jen Bolger Missy Doyle Schossler Precision P.T. 1
CrossFit Spero Amy Richard Brett Banfield Blake Early Spero 1
TNT: Tacos N Tequila Kevin Agdeppa Felix Flores Elda Bonilla 1013 1
Beauty & the Beasts Troy De Guzman Jonathan Husak Betty Skotnicka 88 1
Burpee Babe and 2 Jerks Matthew Hensley Anhony Guiliani Michelle Crudell Precision P.T. 1


6:30 – 7:30AM Check-in
7:40AM WOD 1 Announcement
8:00AM Heat 1
8:15AM Heat 2
8:30AM Heat 3
8:45AM Heat 4
9:15AM WOD 2 Announcement
9:35AM Heat 1
9:55AM Heat 2
10:15AM Heat 3
10:35AM Heat 4
11:15AM WOD 3 & 4 Announcement
11:35PM Heat 1
11:50AM Heat 2
12:05PM Heat 3
12:20PM Heat 4
12:50PM WOD 5 Announcement
1:10PM Heat 1
1:30PM Heat 2
1:50PM Heat 3
2:10PM Heat 4
 2:45PM  Award Presentations