Personal Training

CrossFit Roselle has years of experience working with individuals as well as small groups/athletic teams with specific training needs. From pre-teens looking to improve movement/coordination patterns to collegiate level athletes looking to gain an edge on their competition to the elderly looking for strength/mobility development for everyday life, we can help. To schedule your No-Sweat Intro today – select an appointment here!

Pre-Teen Athletic Development

Proper movement patterns are essential to athletic development. Without proper movement, one will be unable to reach their full athletic potential. Let our experienced coaches help your child improve by nailing down the basics. We start simple, working on improving all bodyweight movements and mechanics. Once these movements are mastered, we can help implement a strength and conditioning program tailored to your child’s specific sport or just overall fitness. Your child will be a step ahead of his/her peers when it matters.

High School/Collegiate Level Athletes

You have the basics down, but now want to gain an edge on your competition. We’ve got you covered. We’ve helped individual athletes (BMX, baseball, gymnastics, wrestling, football, hockey) as well as teams (softball, baseball, basketball, football) improve their on-field performance by increasing their athleticism and overall strength and speed. We build muscle, increase quickness, and improve mental toughness. While your coaches ultimately get you better at your sport, our coaches are here to build the foundation for your improvement.


We take all shapes and sizes. We will tailor a fitness program around your current state and get you to where you need to be. From picking up groceries to grandchildren, from sitting to standing up, we will improve your ability to live life to its fullest.

CrossFit/Olympic Lifting

Want to get better at rowing or double unders or snatches? Looking to improve your Fran time? Whatever your crutch, we can help. If you want a little more one-on-one time than the class setting allows, we can accommodate. We will improve your movement, timing, and get you that PR you have been chasing.

General Fitness/Specialized Programming

Regardless if you don’t fall into any of the above categories, we specialize in getting people in shape. We understand that the group setting isn’t for everyone. If you are interested in a fitness routine, but you would prefer a one-on-one introduction, we are glad to assist. We can show you the ropes in a private one-on-one session either at our gym or in the privacy of your own home (travel rates apply). We can even tailor a workout program for you to do at home with the available equipment you have on hand with your goals in mind.

To get started, schedule your No-Sweat Intro today – select an appointment here!


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