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Home Warm Up 2 (No Measure)

Up/down dog

Child’s pose

Calf stretch

KB/DB squat stretch

MC Hip stretch

Arm across chest shoulder stretch

Wall angels

10 Inch worm push-ups


Weighted Pull-ups (4 sets x 5 reps)

Do a couple of warm-up sets, then perform 4 challenging working sets. Single arm rows can be substituted if needed, and increase reps if lighter weight is used.


Metcon (Time)

For time:

-Cardio for 5 minutes

-50 floor wipers

-Cardio for 5 minutes

-100 air squats

*Over and back = 1 rep for the floor wipers. Use any weight you have to act as a counter balance. Cardio can be jump rope, row, bike, run, burpees, wall runs, etc.