3/11/19 CF

CrossFit Roselle – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

In 15 Minutes:

Run 400m/Row 500m

Sampson Stretch 30 Sec/Side

4 Rounds of:

-5 Med ball cleans w/ bounce at bottom

-10 Shoulder kips

-2 Wall walks

-20 Double unders

Hand stand walk/holds in remaining time.


Reverse Lunges/Floor Presses/Quick (Weight)

EMOM 30 Minutes:

Min 1: 8 Weighted reverse lunge steps

Min 2: 8 Floor presses

Min 3: 10 Quick feet

*Add weight for both movements for total score. Use lightest weight used for each movement for scoring purposes (if you start at 155 on the presses, and reduce to 135, use 135 as your score).